Why Portugal?

Portugal, the trendiest country in Europe

Blue ocean, beautiful shorelines and a whole lot of love compose this country with the oldest borders in Europe.

We have survived over nine centuries of battle, wars, earthquakes and a whole lot more, and thus Portugal is, on the present day, a country with an astounding number of historic monuments, such as Torre de Belém.

Aside from all the monuments, beaches and lush green forests, Portugal has amazing gastronomy, which combined with marvellous landscapes helps you feel a very unique Portuguese word – “Saudade”.

Tourism in Portugal

Tourism in Portugal serves millions of international and domestic tourists which mainly come visit cities, historic landmarks, enjoy beaches or religious sites.

In 2006, Portugal has been visited by approximately 7 million tourists, and has since become one of the main tourist friendly locations in Europe.

10 years later, in 2016, Portugal received 21.2 million visitors, 12.6 million of which were foreign.

Political Landscape

Portugal has a unique political landscape, which makes it one of the countries with the most stable economic growth after the IMF and Troika intervention.

At the moment, the portuguese economy advanced 0.5 percent on quarter in the three months to June of 2018.

For 2018, the Portuguese government targets growth at 2.3 percent GDP growth, which comes as a result from the politcal stability brought by our governing political party.


Rural Areas and Digital Innovation

Portugal has become increasingly concerned with the development of tourism, technology and the development of the portuguese countryside.

Our government has increased funding and developed politics that favour it’s advancement, since the main goal of the country is to invest heavily on human resources, rural expansion and technological evolution.

At the moment, the portuguese government is also interested in the implementation in new and emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Inteligence and Internet of Things.


The portuguese diet is mainly mediterranean, comprised of products like bell peppers, tomato and olive oil – and the freshest of seafood.

Across the country you can experience several types of dishes, each more exquisite and savory than the last.

Enjoy a very typical codfish dish, accompanied by a delectable white whine while your eyes gaze upon the luxurious landscapes of Portugal.

Astonishing Location

Around 10.000.000 inhabitants populate the 91,470 kmarea that is Portugal, and Lisbon is it’s capital.

Portugal receives more than 35.000.000 passengers each year which makes it the perfect gateway into Europe, that is located near major hubs such as Madrid and Paris.

Aside from the wondrous shoreline composed of 620km2, Portugal also has delightful landscapes that you can enjoy as you drive deeper into the country’s rural area.

The Portuguese

Portuguese discoveries relate to  the numerous territories and maritime routes discovered by the Portuguese as a result of their intensive maritime exploration during the 15th and 16th centuries.

Portugal was pioneer in many trades with the most notable being explorations and setting up trade routes with the East in an effort for globalization.

To this day, the portuguese people still carry that spark within, and always aim to reach new heights.

The beautiful and ancient Loural Village!

14th Century Village

A village that has existed for 7 centuries has very much to offer in terms of history and lore, where stories are told by campfire.

The traditional houses, built with materials that come from the land itself, such as Schist, embellish the surrouding green landscape.

A great number of inhabitants has made this village it’s home, and that has been the case for many generations.

Modern Infrastructure

All of the village has been renovated and fully upgraded into modern, technology-friendly houses that offer commodities such as Internet and electricity in a very comfortable setting.

The houses are to be integrated with technology such as IoT and Artificial Inteligence, as a part of the technological enhancement plan on Loural.

This combination of rustic and modern is the perfect blend between natural and technological when it comes to the houses of Loural.

100% Eco-Friendly

From energy production to waste disposal, Loural is completely eco-friendly and in the future will be self-sufficient.

All of the houses in Loural are connected to a FITO-ETAR, which is a natural low-cost residue treatment technology, that allows for the cleansing of the waste produced by the denizens of Loural.

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