Green Currency

No trees are harmed in the production of Villa Coin – it’s fully digital.

Brilliant Team

Composed of several experts that have designed the ultimate cryptocurrency for the Cryptovillage.

Unique Crypto

Help the network by staking Villa Coin and collect rewards.

Simple Solutions

Seamless payment system at the palm of your hand.

Easy Purchase

Acquire anything from activities to products.


Immediate real use application

As easy as that, what you purchase is what you get to immediately spend.

Purchase goods such as dairy or meat, enjoy services as massages or even excentric accomodation, all for a couple of Villa Coins.

No hassle and all of the options when you use Villa Coin.

Token metrics

We truly believe in descentralization and democratization, and such is reflected on the way our “tokenomics” is designed. At a core level, it is intended that around 75% of the token is distributed via an ICO, meaning that only a small part of the token is reserved for internal development needs.

As a proof-of-equality, all shares are the same when it comes to the teams involved in making Cryptovillage happen, with a 5.9% share reserved for the Founders (our core team) and our Advisors. Furthermore, in order to provide full support and good communication lines, our Marketing and Communication is on par with the development at 3.5%. And last but not least, 5.9% of Villa Coin will be reserved for the cashflow of all the Cryptovillages around the world.

Use of proceeds

How the proceeds from the ICO are used is also a very critical part of the Cryptovillage.

The biggest difference in Cryptovillage’s ICO, when compared to other projects, is that 20% of the value collected from the ICO will be reserved in gold – real, live gold bars safely stored.

An additional distinction in our ICO is that 39,1% of the ICO will be employed in building and upgrading insfracture and facilities on all of the Cryptovillages around the world.

But the most noteworthy difference in the ICO is that 4.7% of Villa Coin will be utilized to fund social responsability campaigns and help the local communities.

Economy diagram

The Cryptovillage’s economy also works in a different manner to traditional economic models.

The supply of Villa Coin is indexed to the occupation of the Cryptovillages, which translates into less circulating supply the more it is spent at the CryptoVillages, and more circulating supply the less it is spent.

The incentive for staking your Villa Coins and helping secure the network, will also be connected to the percentage of consumption of the Cryptovillage, which transposes in a higher incentive rate the higher the CryptoVillage’s consumption is, at a maximum of 5% yearly.

Consumption chart

A key aspect of how the cryptoeconomy works at the Cryptovillage is the correlation between the red bars and blue bars which represents the mechanics behind the inflation rate.

Below 51% consumption rate at the Cryptovillage means that more Villa Coin is issued than it is burned.

Above 51% consumption rate, more Villa Coin will be burned than issued.

This cryptoeconomic mechanism has been developed in order to control inflation rates, meaning that the real inflation is at most 0.6% depending if the consumption rate is at 100%.


Economy Concept

It is through Blockchain technology and tokenization that there can exist dozens of CryptoVillages around the world, all conected to one economy, and without a central power allowed to intervene in the currency.