What is Cryptovillage?

Cryptovillages are unique spaces where the user can be a tourist, a resident or both simultaneously. All Villas are governed by Blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology will manage, namely the operation of the accommodation, the voting system, the anti-fire, food production, transport operations as well as all payments and exchanges.

The economy of Cryptovillages is operated with a crypto currency – VillaCoin – which will serve as a means of payment in all Villas that are part of the worldwide Cryptovillage network.

Do we solve out a problem? More then a problem we fulfill a need!

Unique fintech eco-touristic places

Welcome to a whole new concept – technology meets an eco-friendly environment in a balanced user experience.

At the CryptoVillage, you will experience IoT, Artificial Inteligence and Smart-Living in a seamless way of life, perfectly harmonized with Nature itself.

From stargazing to helicopter rides, and whether you choose to follow the river or enjoy high-speed internet connection, be rest assured that your eco-footprint will be as small as possible.

Real human tech labs

For each gadget, technology or simply an inovative and disruptive idea, there is a physical space that will work as a sandbox for user-testing.

All CryptoVillage denizens will be on the front-line of the bleeding edge technologies, while also being provided with all the safety measures regarding experimentation.

Either you have something you wish to test, or you want to be a part of the testing, our human tech labs are where it all happens.

Community-driven programs and events

Cryptovillage is very community centered, and as such, events that span from one week to six full months will be held in order to incubate and accelerate startups and the brilliant minds involved.

With this in mind, renowned experts from all over the world will be mentoring and accompanying these programs, assisting each startup as they propel ever upward.

Decentralized economy

It is through Blockchain technology and tokenization that there can exist dozens of CryptoVillages around the world, all conected to one economy, and without a central power allowed to intervene in the currency.

Furthermore, the CryptoVillage’s currency platform is decentralized and created in such a way that the economy of each Villa is perfectly integrated within the global economy spread among all the CryptoVillages in the five continents.

Amazing accomodation for digital nomads and freelancers

Imagine living in a Geodesic Dome, in the middle of Nature, surrounded by trees. Or spending the night in a Teepee near the river.

If these are experiences that you would enjoy, CryptoVillage has more than 10 different types of housing that allow for a marvelous worklife reality like you have never seen, without ever losing all the commodities needed such as Internet or electricity.

Free optical fiber everywhere

Enjoying Nature doesn’t mean no Internet to conection, specially when it comes to being in the CryptoVillage.

Everywhere you are inside the Villa, there is high-speed Internet within your grasp, through our distinct optical fiber systems.

Meet Villa Coin

Immediate real use application

As easy as that, what you purchase is what you get to immediately spend.

Purchase goods such as dairy or meat, enjoy services as massages or even excentric accomodation, all for a couple of Villa Coins.

No hassle and all of the options when you use Villa Coin.

Cross-border solution worldwide

Each Villa Coin acquired in any of the CryptoVillages around the world is valid in all of the others, which means that you can appreciate different lifestyles, cultures and cuisine, all under the same cryptocurrency.

Once you obtain Villa Coin, it is entirely up to you how to spend them, in all of the CryptoVillages.

Stake incentive for tokenholders

An incentive that is indexed to the CryptoVillage’s success rate and usage is given to all the token holders that choose to stake their tokens in favour of the CryptoVillage.

The staking process can yield up to 5% returns yearly, depending on how much the CryptoVillage is 100% occupied.

Join our ICO

Our ICO will give you the possibility to access VILLA COIN with a special discount.