to the Cryptovillage!

The very first worlwide All-In-One Blockchain Innovation Hub

The Cryptovillage project’s main goal is to bring balance between Mankind, Nature and Technology.

A unique network of eco-friendly spaces and enviroments dedicated to the corporate market and with a full-immersion touristic component.

All this, governed by Blockchain integrated into IoT and Artificial Intelligence, with it’s very own cryptocurrency.


Immediate real use application

As easy as that, what you purchase is what you get to immediately spend.

Purchase goods such as dairy or meat, enjoy services as massages or even excentric accomodation, all for a couple of Villa Coins.

No hassle and all of the options when you use Villa Coin.


Economy Concept

It is through Blockchain technology and tokenization that there can exist dozens of CryptoVillages around the world, all conected to one economy, and without a central power allowed to intervene in the currency.

Visit our Proof of Concept in Portugal